Welcome to the Swedish Bicycle Show in Stockholm 2018!

Second edition of the Swedish Bicycle Show to be held in Stockholm

With over 10,000 visitors the first time it was organized in Gothenburg last year, the Swedish Bicycle Show will now be held in Stockholm in March. It is the Swedish cycling association Cykelbranschen and the exhibition organizer BraMässor that present this event covering all categories of cycling including racing, mountain bikes, transport, work commuting, children’s biking etc.

In around 100 stands the visitors will be presented to more than 150 different trademarks including destinations for biking holidays, races to take part in and clubs to join. But most stands will present the latest bike models, the trendiest outfits, the hottest digital aids and other cool cycling items.

The public will also be welcome to take part in several seminars and workshops about challenges and opportunities for the cycling fan. How does one train to do better in races, what do the racing teams eat, what should you think of before buying a new electrical cycle and other interesting subjects for the interested cyclist. ”Silver-Emma”, as Emma Johansson is called in Sweden as she won the silver medal in the Rio Olympics 2016, will be at the exhibition all three days presenting at the stage and introducing youngsters to a long cycling life at the Child Cycling Arena.

“The Swedish Cycling Parliament” where all the Swedish national parties present their visions for how they see that cycling should develop in Sweden is a unique part of the show. The “parliament” is the public who will vote and ask challenging questions. 2018 is a national election year in Sweden so the timing for this is perfect.

Electrical cycles are currently in particular focus as the Swedish authorities have recently introduced up to a 1,000 Euro subsidiary for those buying a new electrical bike. The test track with an indoor hill to climb will be extremely popular.

The Swedish Bicycle Show is held at Kistamässan in Stockholm March 16-18.

You can buy your entrance ticket in advance to avoid ques hereThere you find all the exhibitors and seminar programs. In Swedish but anyhow.

The Cycling fair team